Monumentally rich and flavorful, Massimo wines showcase grape varieties at the forefront of discovery. Meticulously grown and harvested in prestige vineyards located in the world's most sought-after wine regions. Massimo literally means "big" – and these vineyard-driven wines deliver on that promise with authenticity, complexity and above all, BIG-TIME flavor. 




Inky and full-bodied with
powerful blueberry and
plum notes
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Sauvignon Blanc

Delicate aromas and
flavors of guava, lemon
grass and grapefruit
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Argentina is a land of beauty and drama, as irresistible and tempestuous as the country's famous tango. In Mendoza — the finest locale for producing Argentina's signature, powerfully flavorful grape: Malbec — vineyards nestle against the soaring, snow-capped peaks of the Andes mountains, which provide sunny days and vital snow melt for irrigation as well as moody, turbulent hail storms.

It is hard to over-emphasize the role of the majestic Andes on Argentina's agriculture. With the Pacific Ocean only about 100 miles away to the west across neighboring Chile, the mountain range offers a rain shadow effect, creating a barrier against Pacific winds and trapping their moisture in snow caps. With an average of 320 days of sunshine a year and a dry, continental climate with hot summers, the country would be a desert if not for four major rivers carrying pure snow melt down from the white-capped peaks. This precious water is drawn off into an ingenious system of canals, channels and furrows that date back to the 16th century. 


New Zealand

Protected from the strong sea winds, Marlborough is gifted with the warmest climate on the South Island of New Zealand. The Southern Alps dissipate the prevailing westerly winds and help to create a rain shadow effect–reducing rainfall and cloud cover which equates to valuable sunshine. The soil is variable, consisting of alluvial gravel or alluvial silt loams over gravel sub-soils. All are well draining and there are also some areas of chalky, limestone-rich loam. The vineyards are all relatively new—as grape growing in Marlborough did not begin until 1973. Once started, and then tasted—the world discovered a premier league style—tangy and mouth-wateringly dry. 




An excellent wine: intensely flavored (grapefruit, guava, lime, fig), full bodied, and crisp; a wine with a hint of sweetness and a zesty, medium long finish.
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Very good Malbec: round and full bodied, with fruity-meatywoody aromas/flavors (plum, cooked beef, toast, herbs), light oakiness, and a medium length finish. 5% Tempranillo. Aged three months in French oak barrels.